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2017 RPFSS Legislative Update

Posted by on Jul 10, 2017

Real Property and Financial Services Section Presented the
2017 RPFSS Legislative Update
Co-Sponsored by HSBA


Legislative Topics included: Condominiums, Homeowners Associations, Landlord-Tenant Code, Mortgages, Foreclosures, Security Interests in Real Property, Agricultural Districts, Highways, Climate Change, Wastewater, Water Infrastructure Loans, Dams and Reservoirs, Cesspools, Affordable Housing, Homebuyer Assistance, Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation, Housing Choice Voucher Program, Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, Community Care Foster Family Homes, State Building Codes, Contractors, Estate and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes, Money Transmitters, Mortgage Servicers, Mortgage Loan Originators, Appraisal Management Companies, Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, Medical Marijuana, Liquor Licenses, Airport Concessions, Dental Practices, Charitable Organization Collection Boxes, and Self-Storage Facilities.

Andrea Ushuijima, Cades Schutte
Rick Kiefer, Cades Schutte LLP
Kimi Ide-Foster, Chun Kerr LLP